“He who knows it all is surely unaware of the bigger picture.”

A common theme throughout my life in observation is a riddle that combines elements of irony, dichotomy and what I call “Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Paradox“. In this particular case it also pulls in thoughts about hubris and how arrogance narrows our minds such that you cannot be both confident and correct at the same time.

The thesis of this thought is that the universe and reality we live in is mostly unknowable and that if you believe you do indeed know it all, your perception of “all” is incomplete.

This idea influences my life greatly because I believe that it is the only way to balance humility (something I cherish) with the ambitious desire to learn as much as I can about everything that is knowable.

Words, etc.

This is the start of my personal writing repository. In my free/alone time I tend to think a lot and often those thoughts find their way out in carefully constructed sentences or short paragraphs.

Years ago I would share those thoughts through Facebook but since being effectively off social media, I haven’t had a venue to share them. So I’ve decided to just publish them here. If they are read and appreciated, great – if not, thats fine too.

The subject matter I tend to write about is vaguely philosophical but the topics have no strict agenda other than to say things that I feel like sharing and believe have inherent value to all people. My hope, however, is that the posts I publish cause wonder, conversation and/or even inspiration for those who read them.