The only theory as scientifically preposterous as the existence of a God is the inexistance of a God.

To explain the full meaning of this paradox you must understand that if you truly understand what “science” is and you reasonably consider the most basic concept of a super-natural creator of the universe, then there is absolutely no way science could ever within its own means, (1) detect or (2) prove one way or another that a God does or does not exist. The very effort of such is a complete misapplication of scientific thinking.

With one possible exception: that we have no explanation for our existence other than some *inexplicable*, pre-existential, exo-cosmic, instigator of existence. And that is the closest that you will ever come to a scientific thesis of a God. To make any further effort makes you neither scientific nor spiritual. To draw any conclusion from that one way or another on the basis of science should immediately disqualify your scientific credibility.


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